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Little Island Pond neighbors with legal pond access, are encouraged to join LIPA!

Preserve Little Island Pond

Check here for member meetings, information and guidance

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Meet the board! You will find information on each member of the board. Their position, term and focus. You will also find the LIPA Bylaws, committee descriptions and opportunities for volunteers.

Lake Facts

Fall at Little Island Pond

Here you will find information on our water quality, Weed Watcher Program, dam information and wildlife around the pond.

As well as helpful links to educate yourself, family and neighbors.



We will list our upcoming meetings and events here, as well as post them on Facebook (join our FB team). Meeting minutes will be uploaded at some point after each meeting. 

Stay connected

Provide your email address, so that we can keep in touch with you when we announce our meetings and events.


Dam Inspection 11-2018 (pdf)


Become a Member

Member Fee $25 (due yearly May to May), please mail to P.O. Box 841, Pelham, NH 03076, and fill out this form

Email us! If you have a question or a suggestion, we'd be happy to hear from you.

Little Island Pond Association

P.O. Box 841, Pelham, NH 03076, US

(603) 635-9617